Saturday, December 15, 2012

protect the children

I theorized a few days ago that my blog post today would contain a my experiences co-planning the annual ward Christmas party.  The sore feet that I was sure would come (and I was correct), the relief of stress I would feel (I was also correct) and the end of finals week (which was also an amazing blessing).  However, life has a way of changing things...

Last night after a full day of work and a full week of decorating, cooking, singing at and cleaning up after the ward Christmas party that I was co-chair for, I was finally able to sit down upstairs and watch the news before heading to bed.  I'd read a bit about the story while at work, however, I was so busy I merely read a few headlines then continued work on a few of the divorce cases going to trial next week.  My father and my husband hadn't heard anything about the killings either, being busy at work as well.   

I was saddened and horrified by the news as I watched the timeline of this travesty unfold.  I wondered how a young man, the exact same age as me mind you, could get to such a dark, horrible place in his own mind that he felt the need to not only destroy his own life, but the lives of countless others.  I thought of my three little nieces and how horrified and distraught I would feel if any of them were in any situation remotely close to what happened in Newtown, CT.

Not only did I begin pondering on that horrific, senseless act of violence in Connecticut, but I also began pondering on the at least two other instances of violence to happen this week alone.  The Jovan Belcher murder/suicide and the Oregon mall killings have all occurred in this small window of time.  I'm sure there are many other violent acts to have taken place in the last two weeks that I am not aware of.  As my husband, father and I watched, we began discussing all of these killings that have taken place in two weeks time.  We also spoke of our experiences when Columbine, The Virginia Tech Massacre, The Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shootings and countless other violent acts taken out on innocent men, women and children.  How when each individual event happened, we couldn't believe humanity could fall any further.  And with each individual event, we were constantly proved wrong.

The true heroine, in my humble opinion, of the entire tragedy is Victoria Soto.

CNN reports:
Soto, a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, moved her students away from the classroom door when she heard gunfire, which students initially "thought were hammers falling," according to the father of one of her students.

Her students were huddled behind her in a corner of the classroom, her family said.

"That's when the gunman burst in, did not say a word, no facial expressions, and proceeded to shoot their teacher," said Robert Licata, whose 6-year-old son Aiden escaped by running past the shooter.

"She instinctively went into action when a monster came into her classroom and tried to protect the kids that she loved so much," her cousin, James Wiltsie, said. "We just want the public to know that Vicki was a hero."

While Soto had no children of her own, she did love her dog. The black lab Roxie spent Saturday wondering around Soto's apartment, apparently looking for her, relatives said.

Now is not the time to discuss personal opinions on gun control or demand the government take action to prevent this from happening again.  Now is the time to lovingly remember those who were lost in this horrific event.  As a current Elementary Education Major, I felt a connection with this particular occurrence.  I thought as I watched the bravery exhibited by the teachers involved wondering, If my class of kindergarteners was in that situation, would I be able to be as calm, loving and brave as these teachers were?  That answer in unclear, but I know that if I have even half of the love that those teachers had for their students, I would do anything to protect them.

My personal thoughts and prayers are with those families suffering through this incredible tragedy.  However, I know without a doubt that their families will be reunited in the hereafter.  Hold those you love tighter and always protect the children.  

"I have spoken for children—children everywhere. Some may reject some of these examples, but none should resist the plea that we unite to increase our concern for the welfare and future of our children—the rising generation.  We are speaking of the children of God, and with His powerful help, we can do more to help them. In this plea I address not only Latter-day Saints but also all persons of religious faith and others who have a value system that causes them to subordinate their own needs to those of others, especially to the welfare of children." -Dallin H. Oaks

Monday, December 10, 2012

that will be my life

One down...And it was the one I was the most worried about.


This week, is the dreaded finals week.  And I am shaking in my boots.  Quite literally.  It's cold up here.  Snowy, windy (apparently) normal Wyoming weather.  At least one of the worst is over.  Now I just have two projects and two finals left to Thursday.

Yet, here I am, procrastinating the whole terrible ordeal.  I decided I passed my math exam with flying colors, so I deserve to have sometime on the internet.  Until I begin again writing my research paper for English.  Being in college is hard.

Today I was catching up on some blogs that I follow and I read this post by Ashley @i believe in unicorns.  Then, I read a post about that post here by Bree @scribbles and snapshots.  Guess what?  BOTH were answers to my prayers.  I was so happy to read about women in similar situations as I, struggling with the same concept/problem as I am.

What makes you happy?  I've never been a logical thinker.  I'm quite a creative mind.  I've never been content with doing things logically or having a "normal" job.  I've always wanted to make art, play with children, sing, write, read, play instruments, etc. for my career.  Currently, I love my career.  Being a paralegal is wonderful.  I enjoy helping people through difficult times.  Still, my creative mind often feels cramped and contained having to stay within the lines of legal protocol.  

However, I'm currently a college student.  I'm figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.  Currently, it's a teacher.  I love children.  I think I'd be just darling at it (to quote Ms. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's).  Still, I want to be a mother.  I want to be a private voice teacher.  I want to be an elementary school teacher.  I want to be a writer.  I want to be an artist.  I really enjoy law, perhaps I'll even get my Juris Doctor one day.  It is completely difficult to decide what to be when I grow up.  Can't I just be a ballerina princess like I wanted to when I was four years old?

Life is beautiful.  Art is everywhere.  Spoken word, novels, music, even the sounds of children laughing.  Art is a wonderful thing and my main goal in life is to help everyone see that art lives all around us.  I want to make the world more beautiful. That is my goal in life. Now just to find my way getting there...

Monday, December 3, 2012

what we saw this weekend

1. The whole fam damily for the Belcher side.  The one day we wanted to take family photos, it was windier than I'd ever seen.

2. Just us kids.  I just especially enjoy this picture.  Mostly because Nicole and I are both holding our hair just so our faces can be seen.  And, 1/2 of my face is still covered.  But, alas, we carry on...

3.  Emma and Kevin BROWN!  We witnessed them be sealed for time and all eternity in the St. George Utah LDS Temple.  It was a beautiful day and we were so happy to be there to witness the two of them join together for time and all eternity.  Also, do you see how cute her dress is?  It's 54 years old!  Her grandmother wore that dress AND made that super cute bright orange bolero. 

4.  Us, waiting by the wedding exit for beautiful bride and groom with Jordan and Jay Rappleye.  This is my new favorite picture of the two of us.  Prepare to see it everywhere.  We were so happy that morning.  I was reminded of my beautiful wedding day, my amazing husband and I felt overwhelming gratitude for where I'm at right now.  I was a very happy camper.  And I think it shows in this photo how happy the both of us were.  Mad props to Jordan for taking it!  I miss her so much!  We were both good friends in high school, we both got married within the same year, we basically married the same guy in different sizes (not really...but kind of...).  And it is a sad fact that we live two states away. 

We're home from vacation.  I'll be honest with you, I wish I could have a vacation from my vacation.  We were just go-go-going the entire time.  We had plans every single day.  We had a wedding.  We had family pictures.  I was always doing homework.  I'm exhausted.  And the total of 20 hours in a car this weekend was not helpful.  However, we carry on.  I have work in about nine hours, so I should probably skee-daddle.  Good night, I'll probably write again once finals are over. If I survive that long.  Until next time...

Monday, November 19, 2012


Blessings are in abundance in my life.  It's a wonderful thing.  Even though I'm stressed with school (finals are just around the corner), work has been busy as all get out (new assistant, tons of new cases, 2 cases went to trial last week), and cleaning gets me even more stressed (however, I have been keeping consistent with keeping the bathroom clean and keeping up with laundry. Small victories!).  Sometimes I find myself struggling to keep positive when things aren't going the way I want, plan or expect.  However, with the holidays approaching I am thinking about all of the wonderful blessings in my life.  So, here I go to try and list a few:
  • My husband, he makes me so happy
  • The Coca-Cola Company, for giving me the amazing opportunity to attend college.  I am a 2011 Coca Cola Scholar and part of an amazing family of wonderfully talented individuals.  20,000 applied, 250 were chosen.  I am lucky to be part of such a wonderful group.  After attending the scholar conference in Atlanta, GA and meeting scholars from around the country we interviewed for the various levels of scholarship awards.  I was fortunate to receive a $10,000 scholarship to attend college.  It is only through the Coca Cola Company that I am able to continue my education and earn my degree, even if I hate college sometimes.
  • Diet Coke, not only is it putting me through college with money, it gives me the energy necessary to stay up until all hours of the night studying and accomplishing homework.
  • Family, my siblings (both sets) are always there for me, I have the most gorgeous nieces in the world and I have the best parents (both sets) on the planet.  I'm also fortunate to be close with my cousins, aunts and uncles.
  • Wyoming, I really enjoy where we live.  My parent's have been so wonderful letting us live rent free in the basement.  We both have jobs here.  I can attend college at a good rate here.  I like living in a small town.  I grew up in a small town, I hope to raise my children in a small (or at least smallish) community.
  • This blog, it's small.  I don't have a lot of followers.  However, I love each and every person that reads.  It's a wonderful outlet to express my thoughts and hopefully others relate to me.
  • Jobs, JD and I both have employment making us money so we are able to pay our bills and save for our future. 
  • My faith, I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I am so happy I was married in the temple for time and all eternity.  I am so happy I have the gospel in my life.  I am so grateful for missionary work and for the opportunity to participate in the full and everlasting gospel in these latter-days.
  • Friends, even though I live SO far away from my school friends and I miss them like crazy, they always keep in contact with me.  And it makes me so happy.  I also am happy to be making friends up here in Wyoming and to get to know the women in my Relief Society group in our ward.
Life is unpredictable.  Things ALWAYS change for the better, even when it doesn't seem like it.  Blissful contentedness is a wonderful thing.  And I'm happy to be finally experiencing it after a few weeks of heartache and frustration.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

rare breed of lady

I'm a die hard feminist.  Seriously, it's almost detrimental.  I believe we deserve equal rights as men (quite honestly, I can't believe we're still debating the topic.  I mean, it's the 21st century).  I believe we deserve to make our own choices about our health and bodies.  I believe we deserve to be paid the same amount as men for the same job.  I believe we shouldn't be forced to pay more for products just because they're the color pink.  The list goes on and on.

I love being a wife.  Getting married was, seriously, the best decision I ever made.  I've heard every single negative thing about me getting married as young as I did.  However, it was what worked for our situation.  It's not right for everyone, I'd never encourage just anyone to get married before they're 20.  It was a decision that required lots of prayer, contemplation and scripture study.  When the time is right, you know it is right.  Timing is everything.  I know how cliche it sounds, but it is.  My own mother didn't get married until she was 39.  That was when the time was right for her.  The time was right for me at 19.

As much as I love being a wife, I am SO excited to be a mother.  I can't wait to have little JD and Megan combinations running around, making my house a mess, pulling my hair/earrings out and keeping me awake until all hours of the night.  Nothing makes me happier that I decided to share my life with JD then when I think about the children we will have together.

Now that you know my background, I'd like to disband a few "myths" about women who are feminists:
  • All feminists hate men. FALSE.  I love men.  I love my husband.  I don't believe every man is trying to oppress me or put me down. However, I do believe there are some out there who do oppress, abuse and take advantage of women.  It's a sad fact of our society.  I just happened to be lucky enough to have the self esteem and good sense to not associate with men of that breed.
  • Women who stay at home with their children are being oppressed by their husbands. FALSE.  My goal in life is to become a stay-at-home mother.  Feminism is about women choosing what they want to do.  If they want to pursue being a stay-at-home mother, great!  If they want to become a doctor, also cool!  
  • Women who wear make up, do their hair and dress nice are conforming to society's idea of beauty.  FALSE.  Fun fact: I'm obsessed with doing hair and make up.  I love getting ready in the morning.  Women don't have to do their hair and makeup to be beautiful.  However, that doesn't mean they shouldn't or can't.
  • Feminism is a bunch of women being whiny. FALSE.  Feminism is about women being able to pay the same amount of money for products/services as men, be paid the same amount of money for the same job as men, be treated with respect, being allowed to make their own health decisions, etc.  Women deserve to have a CHOICE and not be directed by the government or others just because they have a uterus.  
  • All feminists are democrats. FALSE.  I'm a  registered republican, although I label myself as more of an independent.  I think democrats are stupid.  I also think republicans are stupid.  I think they both have good points and also have terrible points.  However, I agree more with the republican party regarding economic issues and tend to sway to the democratic party for social issues. Essentially, I vote for whomever/whatever issue make the most logical, ethical and moral sense.
I'm a strange, republican woman that believes in the radical notion that women should be treated like people.  Also, here's my favorite observation ever on the new "Bic for Women" pens.  Seriously, have you seen this yet?  What are your thoughts?  Do I sound completely stupid or do I make any sense?

Monday, November 12, 2012

it never ends

Homework, Lawyer work, Housework....It never ends. 

And I am 200% positive I've already written about this.  However, I recently read this post on the lovely Annie's blog and felt inspired.  I remembered being in her young women's and ballet classes and relating so well to her.  If you don't follow her blog, you should.  Because it is lovely, her children are lovely, she is lovely, it's just a bundle of lovely.

I think I've mentioned before, I'm a legal secretary.  Work lately has been crazy busy.  Our office moved, we have another assistant that was recently hired, and things have been so busy with 2 trials this week.  It's stressful, difficult and basically totally overwhelming. hate general education classes.  Why can't I just get on to my arts/education/whatever else degree?

And, my house is basically a wreck.  It looks like a bomb went off...and I don't have the time, patience or energy to do anything about it.  I'm a naturally messy person.  I have never been good at organization for myself, I've never been good about cleaning.  I generally only clean when I absolutely have too.  I've been depressed, frustrated, anxious and all around difficult to live with lately (sorry, JD).  And I can't figure out how to accomplish everything.  I never feel like things are clean.  I never feel like I'm doing enough.  I never feel good about myself, my home or my work.  The only thing I have been feeling good about: my marriage.  Which is why I so frequently blog about our relationship.  Because it is the one thing I feel like I am succeeding at.

Annie talked about her recent struggle with this same issue and I felt inspired.  As of today, I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf.  I created for myself a home management binder, which is my new favorite thing.  At some point I will share with you how it was created.  I'm going to be better about making myself a priority.  And I'm going to be better about keeping myself, my home and my schooling in order.

We'll see how this works...

Friday, November 9, 2012

bundle o' sad

Every once in a while, it's a good thing when your spouse locks you in the bathroom and shouts from the other room "You either relax and take a bath with the new bath salts and body wash I bought you or you sit and sulk for 20 minutes.  Your choice."  I'm hard-headed, but he always knows how to get through to me.  

Today, I have basically just been a big bundle of sad and emotions.  Work was terrible, homework sucks, I have a cold.  The odds are not for me today.  When JD finally got home from work, he promptly held me, let me cry for a bit and made me some toast.  Toast, it's kind of my comfort food.  Then I got back to trying to do my homework.  After being incredibly frustrated with every attempt he finally intervened after watching me struggle because of how stressed I was.  He took my laptop off of my lap, pulled me to our bathroom and closed the door.  My favorite thing to do at the end of a bad day is to basically sit in the tub for an hour.  Silent, warm, alone, perfect.  Then the previous exchange occurred.  It was perfect.  However, I still had basically the suckiest day in the history of ever.  So, I've gone to youtube to drown my sorrows away.  Enjoy a few of my favorite sad day videos.

They're not all Sophia Grace and Rosie videos.  Even though they are adorable...and I adore them...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

images of an election

This was an election for the history books.  First ever African-American president to get two terms, third consecutive president to serve two terms, First Mormon candidate to get SO close to the presidency, First disabled, female, war veteran to serve in congress.  My grandchildren will be asking me about this election.  It was a whirlwind of emotions for every person involved.  Whether you are team Romney or team Obama, it was a wonderful evening.  And, I mean that completely seriously.  It was amazing to watch how passionate Americans can be over an election, even once it is decided and over.  I cannot even express to you just how many hateful, wretched, awful things I read last night about Barack Obama, about Mitt Romney, about the entire election, on a trivial social media site.  And it just made me sad.  Passion is good, but hate-filled rantings on a silly social medial website make you ALL look stupid.  In my humble opinion, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are amazing men.  They are two of the most outstanding men in our nation, which is why they were candidates for such a prestigious title.  The election is over, Barack Obama will continue to serve as President of the United States.  And I'm happy.

I am looking forward to see how he decides to shape our nation.  I am also looking forward to see if Governor Romney will run for President once again in 2016.  I believe Governor Romney had some great ideas to shape our country's economy that many American's agreed with.  However, President Obama I believe is more in tune with the majority of the nation's views on social issues.  Either way you slice it, the man who needs to be in the President's seat now is.  Regardless of who you wanted, the man that needed to win did.  Personally, I believe God is watching over this country.  God will direct the leaders of the USA.  God has a plan for this great place we live and it will be His will, not ours, that will be done.  He knows all and he planned for Barack Obama to be this nation's 44th President.  Perhaps the 45th will be Mitt Romney. 

Here are a few of my favorite images from the election season this year

 Does anyone else love how every picture of them in this debate makes them look like they're singing a cute duet?  Or they're pointing at each other saying in a very girly voice "Oh, you!"

I love this.  He just has such a look of pride and love for his wife.

Ah!  SO much love!  Seriously, whoever you voted for, I love both of the pictures above.  It is obvious these two men love their wives and put them above all else.  It just makes me so happy.

 The entire Romney Clan

The Obama Family at the Victory Rally

 I love a politician with babies.  He's carrying TWO of them!  In the cutest tutus I have ever seen!

Seriously, look at his face.  And look at the baby's face.  This is just adorable on all levels.

 My newest hero, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth.  Such an inspiration.  Read some more about her story here.

Friday, November 2, 2012

21 before 21

My birthday this year led me to observe what I'd done since my 19th birthday.  I completed my first year of college, I transferred colleges, I got engaged, I went through the temple, I got married, I moved twice, through two states.  It's been insane.  And I've loved every second of it.  However, I really didn't have any major goals for the year.  I just was doing what I wanted when I wanted to.  Lately, JD and I have been talking about our "bucket list."  What we want to do together before we bite the dust when we're 120 years old.  (yes...we have it planned out when we're going to die.  life now only needs to bend to our will)  I decided I wanted my own little bucket list.  21 things to do before I'm 21.  Do you have goals you want to make?  Join me on my experiment!  I'll keep the blog updated with my progress.

1. Go on a vacation out of state
2. Have consistent date night with the hubs (we, honestly, have been on very few honest to goodness "dates".  We're not very formal people.)
3. Complete my second year of college
4. Learn to bake and decorate (at least half as good as my sister) one awesome cake.  (Have you seen Coley's Cups and Cakes?  They're AMAZING.  And she just happens to be my sister.  I hope my children get some of her creativity genes, because she's awesome.)
5. Buy a bed spread (This one sounds weird, but JD and I are both blanket hogs, and we just never sleep with the same blanket.  We each have our own.  And we don't have a specific bed set, it's just whatever quilts we both feel like and our black sheets and mismatched pillow cases.  As I said before, we're not formal people.) 
6. Lose 30 pounds. (I absolutely know I can lose at least this much in a year.  And if I happen to lose more....YAY!) 
7. Get an elliptical.  (I love working out on an elliptical.  They're amazing.  And they're really not too expensive.  So, it's something I'd like to save up for.)
8. Own the entire Star Wars series on DVD or Blu Ray if we ever buy a blu ray player.
9. Move the Xbox out of our bedroom(...yes...I caved and let my husband bring his Xbox into our room...And now I think it needs to go back into the living room...This one will be done very carefully)
10. Sew myself a skirt or dress.
11. Decorate for all of the major holidays (Valentines, Christmas, Easter, St. Patty's Day, 4th of July, Fall in general)
12. Spend less time on pinterest (Yeah, I'm an's true)
13. Build a snowman
14. Have a snowball fight
15.Have a weekend getaway with the hubs
16. Make someone feel special
17. Dye my hair different then it's current color
18. Get closer to our goal of having a baby
19. Write a missionary once a month (I suck at this...even when the hubs was out and we were writing, he wrote me WAY more than I wrote him...also, any of my cousins can tell you I suck at writing them as well)
20. Go to Disneyland
21. Buy a ruffly apron (I know, it's anti climatic for the last one on the list.  But I am OBSESSED with aprons...I love them...and I've been envious for a ruffly one forever!)

A few highlights from this year:

Me, Cee and Teish Ushering and Tuachan.  Such a blast.

Moved my room in with this lovely lady and became her caregiver.  Miss her so much!

Got Engaged to my best friend.

 Saw the Hunger Games at midnight, out of state with these lovely people.  And I made our shirts.  Which were also awesome. 

 Moved to another state and got our home ready.

And, probably most importantly, I got married.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i love to see

Fun fact...I love the temple.  Okay, that's actually a huge understatement.  Since I went through the Salt Lake City LDS Temple for the first time in May of this year, I have constantly craved going back to the temple to feel that peace and that spirit.  When we were married we were given brilliant, amazing counsel from our officiant to return to the temple as often as we could.  Where we live in a remote area of Wyoming, the closest temples are 2 1/2 hours away in Utah.  Gasoline is expensive.  We don't make a whole lot of money (we're newlyweds, in happens), so traveling that far is difficult.

However, we've been fortunate enough to have opportunities to travel with family (saving us money) and we save up money specifically to attend the temple. Any loose change, any extra money we randomly come into, it goes into our "temple fund."  Each time we attend we grow closer together as our little family unit of just the two of us.  I just love it.  Since we were married we try to make a goal to attend the temple once a month.  I'll be honest, we've missed a month and in our years and years of eternity to come I'm sure we'll miss more.  We've been fortunate to do sessions at the Salt Lake City, Jordan River and Mount Timpanogas Temples.  Most recently we attended a session last week for Cody Adams, one of my closest life long friends.  He made the decision last year that he wanted to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  And I couldn't be prouder of him. We weren't able to spend the day with him, but we were able to spend the most important part of the day with him and that's what counts.  It made me so grateful for the opportunity and priority we've made temple work in our family life. 

My point is this: If you are LDS and have been through the temple: GO OFTEN.  Even if you only have your recommend for baptisms, go.  Baptisms for the dead are great preparation for feeling the spirit in the temple and understanding the higher ordinances you will one day take upon yourself.

If you aren't LDS and have no idea what I'm talking about, no worries.  You can basically ignore this post.  However, go to a temple open house someday.  It gives you a great opportunity to learn about the gospel and see what temple work is about.  Also, talk the missionaries or to a mormon friend...LIKE ME!  My email inbox is always open :)   (go to the Me. page for my contact info)

Jordan River Utah Temple

Mount Timpanogas Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

"The temple is concerned with things of immortality. It is a bridge between this life and the next. All of the ordinances that take place in the house of the Lord are expressions of our belief in the immortality of the human soul."
—Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, October 26, 2012

reasons why this week is going to be exciting

-After 3 naps and several tylenol, my migraine went away.
-Because of the aforementioned, we get to go to American Fork to be with our friend as he goes through the temple for the first time.
-JD is the man.  He's helped me with tons cleaning, decorating and everything.  He's awesome.
-I actually fixed my nails and painted them fresh today.
-I have a very important interview this week.
-It is super warm in the basement.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the weekend o' 20

My birthday weekend was practically perfect in every way.  Being low on funds, because, ya know,we're newlyweds attending college living in a basement we stayed in my Aunt's basement in Salt Lake for a weekend.  We shopped, ate at Cafe Rio and did a session at the SLC Temple.  I hadn't been to that temple since we were married, so it was a beautiful day.  Then we got a call from my Aunt, asking what my favorite cake was.  Obviously, she had something planned so we went back to her place and she surprised us with a delicious dinner complete with steak, salad, lobster and chocolate tower cake from Cheesecake Factory.  Basically, we were royally spoiled.  It was wonderful.  The next day we relaxed, watched movies, bought my birthday presents (cover for my Nook Color, Zumba video game for the Xbox Kinect, new slippers) and drove home.  It was wonderful.

Then we got back home, and I was expecting everything to be in the exact same place I left it.  A complete mess.  Then something magical happened.  My mother, for part of her birthday gift to me, had cleaned by living room, bathroom and the spare room that is slowly becoming JD's man cave.  I was so incredibly excited!

Life is good.  Things are good.  And now I've got homework to finish.  Happy 20 years to me.  The weekend left me time to reflect, set goals and decide what I want this next year to bring me.  More on that later. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I think it's amazing how much people evolve as they age.  I had a great, long, amazingly wonderful conversation with my good friend Cody this week.  We go WAY back.  He's one of those life long friends I have.  No matter what either of us have gone through, we're always there for eachother.  No matter how long it's been since we've talked or anything, we still communicate.  And it is nice.

The glorious visit we had last year after not seeing each other for well as a delectable lunch at Mimi's Cafe in Provo, UT

Outside the temple after my wedding. Cody was in our bridal party and there all day for us. Also, you can see how absolutely different I look with and without make up.  Crazy, right?

 During our conversation on my long drive back to Wyoming from Utah, we talked about his upcoming mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, updated each other on our lives and reminisced about our years and years of friendship.  How crazy we were in high school.  How crazy I was about getting straight "A"s.  How many hours we spent in the theatre at school.  We both mused at how much we'd changed since graduation.  Cody is going on a full-time mission, working and living in Provo, bound to do AMAZING things.  I'm married, living in Wyoming (trust me, high school me never saw that coming), working, going to college and preparing to start a family with my husband.  We've evolved into the people we need to be.  And it's a beautiful thing.

The whole point of my story (other than to feature how awesome Cody Annyong Adams is) is this: I celebrated getting a "C" on one of my exams today.  If I so much as got a "B" in high school, I hated myself for about a week.  Now, I'm celebrating over a "C".  Oh, you changed me...

Monday, October 15, 2012

a blessed day

1. Me...Driving...For a long time it felt...

2. Mikale Winn Potter, snuggling on Grandma Potter

3. The happy family, Shaynia, Jesse, Savanah and Mikale.  Well, Jesse and Savanah were happy...Mikale and Shaynia were tired.

4. Jesse and Shaynia

5. Mikale

6. And another one just for good measure.

Yesterday was the little angel featured above's blessing day.  My brother, Savanah and their two daughters Shaynia and Mikale are currently living in Ogden, UT.  The blessing was held at their ward there.  Unfortunately, since JD just started this new job, he had to work and couldn't come with me.  However, I went by myself and met my parents there.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Both girls looked darling in their dresses.  

I absolutely love both of these little girls.  They're so sweet and so precious.  Shaynia has a disorder similar to downs syndrome.  But she has such a perfect spirit.  It warms my heart to be near her.  Mikale is so pure and precious.  I just have a thing for newborn babies.  Granted, Mikale is 3 months old, but she still has that precious sweetness.  It was wonderful to be up with the family for a day.  Even if the drive felt long...Mostly due to spotty cell service.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

right now...

I am, literally, blogging from my bathroom.  And here's husband is taking a shower.

And I know that sounds super weird and like I'm going to get into some weird, steamy talk about our love life.  Quite the opposite actually. 

I work mornings...JD works 2 four hour afternoons and then 3 twelve hour days this week.  So, we haven't had a ton of time together.  Because I get home from work, then the hubs is gone to work.  Then when he gets home I am either doing homework, cleaning, etc. Then, we go to bed.

So, I got home and JD was getting ready to take a shower and get ready for work. And he was sad because he was going to spend the only time with the two of us today in the shower alone.  So, to make it so we could actually spend a bit of time together, I'm on my laptop, sitting on the top of our toilet, talking with my best friend.  And listening to good music.  And working on homework.

Also, our bathroom is directly below my parent's office where the wifi router is.  The internet connection in here is amazing.  Maybe I need to use my computer in the bathroom more often...

Us...and our adorableness...First thing in the morning...
He really is my favorite human on the planet. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

work, work, work

It seems there are three types of work surrounding my life.  And I can't ever seem to get all of them accomplished at once.

Homework.  Doing solely online courses, EVERYTHING is homework.  Let me tell you, it's super annoying.  I feel like I get no breaks.  However, it is convenient because I can work in my time frame and let school fit my schedule, not make my schedule fit school.  There's always pros and cons to the whole online education thing. But I am enjoying it thus far.  Once my English class begins I may feel differently.  But, so far I'm enjoying my two math classes and psychology.

Housework.  Otherwise known as, the bane of my existence.  I've never been tidy.  I've never been super neat.  I am organized at work, I am organized with school.  Because my career is literally keeping attorney's organized, when I get home the last thing I want to do is organize and clean my own house.  However, with JD starting to work full time and I'm only working part time, I know it's something I need to be better with.  He's so tidy.  He's so neat.  And I aspire to one day be as organized as he is.  Until then, I'll continue to watch The Office as I try to will myself to put the laundry away. 

Work Work.  My job, being a legal assistant at Blue Law Offices.  My boss is fantastic.  I absolutely love her.  And I love working with our clients.  It always makes me happy to have relationships with our clients, especially when most of our clients are going through difficult times.  Unfortunately, when most people are in need of using the legal system, they're going through difficult times.  It is rewarding to metaphorically hold the client's hand as he/her are going through difficult times. 

Although I work, work, work a lot of the time, I've got two awesome men in my life that make it all worth it.  I write all of the time about my best friend, partner in crime and eternal companion.  And this is our baby.  The sweetest, cutest, most darling black Labrador you'll ever see. 

This is Captain Morgan Belcher.

And he makes all of the crazy stuff I do worth it.  Ya know, and the hubs.  He makes it worth it too. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

why i'm starting 12 step

It's not a surprise...I am not, have never been, nor will ever be a size 2.  I am constantly displeased when I look in the mirror.  It is frustrating to understand that my weight has never been something I've felt totally in control of. 

I've been praying and praying for guidance.  I've had the loving support of my husband.  And, I've decided to begin the 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program through the LDS church.  I believe some of you are probably thinking "Wow...what a whiner...starting the 12 step just to stop eating?"  But it's not just that.  It's about learning to love myself.  It's about overcoming my emotional eating habits and learning to channel my emotions into something constructive. 

Partly why I know my weight is something so difficult for me is because I have SO many food allergies.  It makes it incredibly difficult to actually eat according to all of them.  And it makes food much more expensive, labor intensive, and frustrating.  Because of this, I know my body doesn't respond well to food and has a hard time processing it. 

I've been an emotional eater since high school.  When I'm upset, frustrated, scared, is my comfort.  I've never been thin, even at my thinnest I still had meat on my bones.  My weight has fluctuated by (literally) 100 pounds for the last 9 years.  And I'm now at a point where this body isn't just about me.  In a year or two, I want to be pregnant.  I want to become a mother.  And I want my body to be a place where my child can grow, where my child can be nourished well.  In order to take care of my husband and future children, I have to care for myself. 

So that's why I'm starting the Addiction Recovery Program.  To learn to love myself.  To learn to stop abusing myself.  To learn how to deal with my depression.  To learn how to be a better me.  Basically, I'm working on Project: Megan for a while.  And I think I need that. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

five things

Lately, I've been writing a lot of posts and not posting them.  Mostly because they end up turning into really personal, drawn out "journal" entry type posts.  However, I'm here.  And I'm going to share.  Maybe more than you want to ever know, but you'll enjoy (hopefully).

First of all, prayers were answered today.  My husband (finally) got a job!  He'll be a security officer at the Naughton Power Plant outside of town.  It's a great starting place, and if we ever want/need to move, he can transfer to one of the hundreds of places around the country that they do security for.  G4S services is a great place for us.  And I'm so happy and so excited for both of us.  Honestly, I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders.  We're in a much more stable place financially now.  We can now start saving up, working on getting our own place and thinking about starting a family within the next year or two.  So, life is grand.

Secondly, I still don't have a cellular device.  I've been waiting until my next paycheck because I bought textbooks with last month's paycheck.  I still have insurance on that phone, so I should be able to get a new one shipped to me for about $50.  Then, next year when my contract is up, I can get on my husbands plan and (maybe) get a smart phone.  Which would be phenomenal because I am (literally) the only person in my immediate family without a smart phone.

Third, classes are going great so far.  It's challenging to do solely online classes, mostly because you have to be incredibly self motivated to do it.  There's no class to go to, no professor to push you.  It's literally about you being able to push yourself to do it.  And it's a bit difficult to motivate myself.  But I'm doing well so far.  As long as it gets calendared, I generally can get it all accomplished.

Fourth, work is going splendidly.  I'm really enjoying working at the law office.  There's lots to learn, the hours work with my school schedule, and I love working with clients!  Our clients are the best.  Some are crazy, some are insane, some are absolutely sweet.  But it's nice to help people through a difficult time in their life whether it be divorce or bankruptcy, I love helping clients find relief from their strife and problems in life.

Fifth, JD and I have been watching this basically on repeat for the last 3 days straight.  THE CUTEST VIDEO EVER.  IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Mom: You've got a hole in your bum (pointing at a hole in my favorite pair of jeans...sad day...)

JD: I miss David Tennant...
(We've been watching Doctor Who.  He just can't quite get over the loss of Doctor Ten)

Me: (laying in bed, watching Arthur.  YES, Arthur.  It's a good show, people.  Suddenly, my husband got home earlier than I expected so I quickly turn it off and pretend I'm just flipping through titles of Netflix.)
JD: You were watching Arthur, weren't you?  Don't try and hide the evidence.

Me: Man, I really need to tidy up so I can decorate for Halloween.
JD: I know, I've been trying to be patient.
Me: Shut your face, when was the last time you did the laundry or dusted or vacuumed?
JD:.......I love you?
Me: Shut up.

Monday, September 17, 2012

marriage 101

I've read that your first year of marriage and the events that occur during it define the marriage for the rest of your life.  I believe we had a moment, a singular moment, that defined our marriage.  This happened during our first week, nay, our second day of marriage. 

Before our wedding, everyone in my family was getting this absolutely horrible flu.  This included my mother the day before my wedding.  So, I'd been trying to fight this flu away so I didn't have to get it on the day of my wedding.  We made it through the wedding day and had an absolute perfect day.  It was truly the happiest day of my life and I fall deeper in love with my husband every day.

Now, for the reality part.  We got to our darling bed and breakfast (Anniversary Inn.  Seriously, go there, it's adorable)  and had....a fun time (don't oooh la la at me, you know what happens on honeymoons).  We woke up the next morning and watched tv while we ate breakfast.  Then suddenly, I threw up.  All over our bed.  And all over our bathroom.  My husband calmly picked me up, sat me in our tub, started the bath and he proceeded to clean the bathroom, going and getting cleaner from the maids.  He washed me, picked me up, put me in some pajamas and put me into bed.  It was...awful.  Simply horrid.  Mortifying even.  One day into the marriage and he's cleaning puke.  I assumed he was thinking, "What did I get myself into with this one?"  But, I learned something through that terrible experience.  We will always pick each other up.  Even in the deepest, darkest, even embarrassing parts of our lives, we have each other. 

Since then, there's been more throw up for both of us.  Bills that we need to get paid.  Laundry that is never finished.  Messy rooms that can never stay clean.  Jobs that need to be found and stress up the hoozie-whatzit.  However, there's a few things that always keep up going and keep us together and strong in our marriage.

  1. We pray.  Every. Single. Night.  Together and privately.  It is incredibly difficult to be worried, stressed or upset when you're praying to the Lord. "The strength of a man and wife joined together in God’s sight is far greater than the sum of the strengths of each of the two individuals. That’s because the Holy Spirit unites them and gives added power to their prayers." -Stormie Ormartian
  2. We read scriptures.  Almost. Every. Single. Night.  Same principle.  When you're coming closer to the Lord and Christ, it's nearly impossible to be upset or worried about the stresses of the mortal world.
  3. We do our best not to let the little things get us down.  I often find myself completely overwhelmed and frustrated over not having enough hours in the day to do homework, laundry, work out, cook and be the perfect "happy" wife at all times.  And, luckily, my hubby has even said "If I wanted the perfect cookie cutter wife, I wouldn't have married you."  Some people think it's an insult, I consider it a GREAT compliment to be out of the ordinary. 
  4. We talk about everything.  No lies, no secrets. To quote a certain "dancer" from The Office, "Secrets secrets are no fun.  Secrets secrets hurt someone."
  5. We forgive and forget.  We never bring up past mistakes in arguments.  Okay, never sounds absolute.  We aren't perfect people.  We make mistakes, but reliving and rehashing out old problems never fixes them.
  6. We write in our journals most every day.  It's these small, separate, private moments that keep us (ourselves) together.  In order to care for each other, we need to care for ourselves.  And we work to keep up on this one. 
  7. We'd don't point out each others flaws and mistakes. 
  8. And, we fall deeper in love each day.  (Probably the easiest and most important factor in our happy marriage)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Emma: You scream...a lot...too much screaming...

Mom: Your pants are looking too big. 
Me:  Oh, good.  Normally they're too small.
Mom: Yay!  You're losing weight!  When I lose weight I get your old clothes!

Doctor: So, you've been throwing up?  Are you pregnant?
Me: I had an ultrasound, you'd know better than I would.
(Also, I'm not preggo my eggo.  Just to clarify that to the world)

Mom: NO!  THAT MAKES IT WORSE.  HERE'S FLOUR, I'LL THROW THAT ON IT. (fire alarm begins buzzing through the whole house)
Mom: JUST LET ME TRY THIS (throws flour on, fire flames up even more)
Both: AH!  JD!!!! GET UP HERE NOW!!!!!!

JD: It can't be that bad.
Me: Okay, well when you bleed from your privates for a week every month you can tell me how it's not that bad.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

back to reality

I will tell you something, my favorite thing in the world is the first week of school.  Even when I was in elementary school.  You're getting to know everyone.  There's hardly any homework.  You're getting an idea of the professor/teacher's personality and teaching style.  It's a wonderful, beautiful, simple week.  Almost like, the calm before the storm.

However, the storm has hit.  Today my math class and education class have finally "really" begun.  Fun fact, I thought math for elementary school teachers was going to be super duper easy.  I also thought teaching math to elementary school students was going to be super duper easy.  I was wrong.  It is actually quite in depth.  Today I'm working on learning about all of the different numeration systems throughout history.  And it's pretty crazy how much there is to learn about it.

We spent a lovely little weekend in Salt Lake City. Fun, relaxation, family parties.  It was wonderful!  And....we got to go to....(drum roll please) JIMMY JOHN'S!  When I lived in St. George last year, I was absolutely obsessed with JJ's.  It was just so delicious...the chips, the huge cookies, the amazingly delicious fresh baked bread and totally fresh ingredients.  However, living in Wyoming, we never, ever, EVER get to eat at JJ's.  Well, the streak ended.  And it was divine.

Here's JD in all of his Jimmy John's glory.  Can't you just see how excited he is (and how desperately he needs to shave?  Thank goodness we bought him some new razors in SLC)?!

Also, someday I'll have a good camera.  I'm getting closer to the goal....and hopefully JD will get a job soon so we can be a little more stable.   Maybe for Christmas (wink, wink...nudge, nudge hubby) I'll get the camera of my dreams. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

megan's mind

Today, I started my new degree program.  ELEMENTARY EDUCATION.  Which, I'm totally psyched about.  I want to teach Kindergarten mostly.  I'm a big fan of the little'uns.  I just love playing and teaching the little kids.  Getting to teach them to read, write, do basic math.  It'll be fantastic in 4-5 years when I get my degree done. 

I hate Facebook during election season.  There, I said it.  I don't care if you support Romney, I don't care if you support Obama, I don't care if you're a Nader or Ron Paul person. All I really want to do is stalk your pictures and status updates.  There, I said that too.   No matter what you put on your Facebook, whether it makes you look totally stupid and ridiculous or not, I don't care.  I just want to find out what is happening in your life a million miles away from me.  Also, I love Facebook for the fact that it has made my nosiness socially acceptable.  For that, I thank you Mark Zuckerburg. You've forever made my life easier.

For the last few weeks, I've been super sick.  I'd just get a bad stomach ache, some cramps here and there.  I figured it was nothing serious.  Then, the last few days, it's been nearly unbearable.  To the point where I hadn't eaten or drinken (I don't think that's a word...oh well) anything for almost 1 1/2 days simply because it would make me sick.  After a few days of uncontrollable throwing up (tmi?  Oh well...) I finally went to the doctor.  And it is looking like I'm gonna need to get my gallbladder out soon.  Tomorrow I get an ultrasound to look for any gallstones.  If they don't see any, then I get a Hida Scan.  Basically, I lay on a table for almost 2 hours while they inject my gallbladder with dye, then watch and see if my gallbladder can get all of the dye out. 

If you can't tell by this post I'm basically losing my mind.  My poor husband has been dealing with my persistent moodiness, as has my poor mother.  I really don't know how they put up with me.  I'm a lucky girl.  With so many things happening and so many things to do (i.e. clean our room, clean the living room, put laundry away, dust, vacuum....) I'm sitting on my computer. 

However, I did get my homework for my math for elementary education teachers and education class finished tonight.  It's the small victories, people.

Friday, August 17, 2012

instagram update


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


1. The really non-awesome sauce ice cream cone from the Diamondville Arctic Circle...seriously, who taught them to make a cone?  It's a travesty, I tell you. 

2.  This is my in-laws cutest little new puppy ever.  He's a chihuahua/yorkie mix.  SO CUTE I COULD DIE!!!  I can't wait until I get to meet him next time we visit down there.

3. Key Lime Pie Mini-Cupcakes.  I made 150 of these for a local reception.  They were delish! 

4. Riley and her Grandma Potter at Don Pedro's in Evanston, WY.  This was our last dinner before she went home to Fernley, NV. 

5.  Riley and I doing bubble art.  Seriously, it's so much fun.  You just buy bubbles, mix in food coloring, and blow the bubbles on to some poster board.  Then you have a fun, perfect, wonderful little piece of abstract art work.

6.  We saw this waterfall while driving through Provo Canyon.  We went to Spanish Fork and met the Belcher's for a nice weekend visit.  It was so fun!  We played games, watched the Olympics and ate such yummy food!

Here's a little tiny update on our lives through my instagram account.  To quote one of my very favorite movies:

"Everything is great, everything is grand.  I've got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand.  Everything is perfect, It's falling into place.  I can't seem to wipe this smile on my face.  Life's a happy song when there's someone by my side to sing along."  -The Muppets

I'll be honest, not everything is perfect.  Not everything is grand.  However, I love my husband.  He is so faithful and so sweet to me.  I hope to one day have as much faith as he has.  Life isn't perfect all the time, but I'm happy as long as I've got JD to go along this crazy journey with me. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

today i...

Listened to all the town gossip from several clients at the law office.

Ate delicious chinese food.  Seriously, best lemon chicken ever.

Watched The Office.

Listened to my husband watch the Eewok adventure or something like that...

Planned out what cupcake I'm going to make for the relief society activity coming up.

Looked at pinterest and found lots of home inspiration including these awesome ideas:
 And, I've become obsessed with instagram.  I don't have a smart phone, however, my hubby does.  So, I use instagram on his phone.  And it's kind of my favorite thing in the history of ever.  You can follow me @megan_belcher. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'll be totally honest...the last few days JD and I have been a couple of bums.  We both just woke up and got out of bed.  And instead of going out and doing something fun on this Saturday, I'm sitting in our bedroom listening to music and preparing my relief society lesson.  JD is sitting in the living room playing on the Xbox so I can focus on my lesson. 

Yesterday we were both sick and stayed at home...doing basically the same exact thing.  Except instead of preparing my lesson, I sat in the living room and watched Netflix with JD while on Pinterest.  I had a sinus infection.  JD hit his knee at work and it was all swollen up.  So we have a lazy day on the couch instead of going to work.  Then we played Ticket to Ride: Europe.  Which was a blast, even if JD did beat me by 6 points. 

It's been a lazy weekend here in the Belcher household.  However, stay tuned for more fun adventures.  I'm sure they're on their way.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


JD while going through our wedding pictures: "Freak, we kissed a lot that day!"

Me: "You have no idea how excited I am to not have to wear real clothes to work tomorrow."

Grandpa Hoffman: "So what kind of car is this commercial for?"
My Mommy-In-Law: "Fruit of the Loom Underwear, Pop..."

 Riley, my 6 year old niece: "Are you talking to me?  WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO ME?!?!?!"

Also, today I locked myself out of the, I had a day off!  Kind of! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

married without children

So, I've learned something happens when someone who got married around the same time as you...gets pregnant.

My awesome cousin, Jenni Winn (now) Hansen, is preggo!  She's having a little, cute baby and I'm so thrilled for her!

She got married to her sweet man, Josh, 1 1/2 months before I married JD.  We were planning our weddings at the same time and both had them in Northern Utah.  Hers was in Manti and mine was in Salt Lake City.

Then I found out she's pregnant.  And, I suddenly got super,....jealous.

And I felt this feeling to be incredibly strange.  I was so happy for her.  And the other three cousins between JD and I that we have that are expecting beautiful babies.  And I hadn't gotten really baby "jealous" after those couples got pregnant.  But the difference was, they were older.  They'd been married for years.  Jenni and I both just got married.  Jenni and I are both the exact same age.   And now she and Josh are already beginning their family.

JD and I both have prayed and agreed that now is not the time.  We want to have our own space, i.e. not living with my parents.  We want JD to have a steady job, i.e. not be looking for a job.  We want to have at least a bit more of my education finished, i.e. at least my Associates Degree done.

Still, I just felt this pulling at my heart.  To have a little baby that was mine in my arms.  To shop for cute baby clothes.  To have late nights caring for my child.  To kiss scraped knees.  To sing them to sleep.  To just have a little tiny someone to be my own. 

Then, I realized, that's just not me and JD's story right now.  We're still trying to figure ourselves out in our marriage.  We're still trying to establish some kind of income for our family.  We're still trying to get the basics mastered.  Once we figure things out further, you can bet we'll start planning for little Megans and JDs to be running around.  Watch out, world!

For now we'll just keep preparing ourselves for that great blessing. And I'll just keep pinning cutesy tootsey baby things in Pinterest. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my blessing

Our First "official" Valentine's Day
February 2011

My husband is probably one of the greatest blessings of my life as of lately.  Especially this morning when I lost my wedding ring.

Seriously, it was tragic.  Here's the story: Last night, we had a ward party at a pool.  I got in the water with my niece and swam with her.  I didn't want to lose my ring in the pool, so I put my rings in my purse.  This morning as I was getting ready to go to work, I couldn't find them. 

I. Freaked. OUT.

I ran into our bedroom screaming and crying for JD to get up and help me look.  Mind you, he was still sleeping.  He remanied very calm and went through my purse while I was still in hysterics.  He then sat me down, held my hands and said a wonderfully sweet prayer.  Thanking Heavenly Father for me and asking for help to find the symbol of our great love for one another.  After the prayer, I felt a little more peaceful.  However, I was still just trying to pull myself together.  So, my husband went outside to my truck.  And, somehow, he found it.

You may or may not know this, but I have a tendency to "panic" pretty easily.  It's something I try to deal with, but sometimes I just can't help myself.  But my husband knows just want to do and what to say to keep me calm.  He never panics, he never gets upset with me when I get anxious or worked up.  He's truly my blessing in my life.  When I get worried or upset or scared, he always comforts me.  I'm truly a lucky woman to have him in my life.

The end.  Also, I probably need to finish my filing before blogging at work...bleh, oh well.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

only a horizon

Like my lovely friend Annie wrote here, it seems loss and the potential for loss is surrounding us at this time.  My grandfather's health is deteriorating quickly.  I have had some recent health problems as we prepared for the wedding.  Two of my dear friends recently lost their babies during pregnancy.  Today my parent's dog, Moze, had to be rushed to Evanston to an animal hospital there.  And, last night, we received word that my sister's childhood best friend, Dani, and one of her children were killed in a car accident.  

 Dani and LeAnna were incredibly close in high school and after they both had their first child.  They were on sports teams together, they went to young women's activities together, they were in the same date groups for dances.  Dani spent so much time at our home.  When Dani and LeAnna were in high school, I was around 6-7 years old.  Dani treated me like her little sister.  She played with me, came to my birthday parties, told me stories.  I can't recall ever seeing her put down others or say anything negative about others.  She was a wonderful example and I'm lucky to have had her in my life.

Death is always a possibility.  Death can happen to people we never want or expect to lose.   But I find comfort knowing the death is not the end.  Families are forever.

Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
~Rossiter Worthington Raymond

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Someday I'll update and blog with more pictures.

Someday I'll get a new camera that actually works so said pictures aren't craptastic cell phone pictures.

Someday I'll have my home's construction finished.

Someday I'll pick a paint color for our bedroom that we both like.

Someday my husband will have a job that he absolutely loves.

Someday I'll fold our laundry and put it away.

Someday we'll finish unpacking.

Someday I'll take a lesson from my husband and get good at organizing.

Someday I'll have my degrees and won't need to stress about classes.

Someday is not today...

Saturday, July 14, 2012


JD: "You know the thing that sucks about this marriage thing?  I will probably never get to fall asleep watching Star Trek: Voyager again."
Me: "We can watch Star Wars..."
JD: "Not the same, Megan."

Me: "Okay, Riley.  Let's go to the parade in town!  Do you want to go?"
Riley: "But I wanna watch TV..."

My Dad after slamming his finger in front of my niece: "Oh bastar....blastered...blastered, yeah that's it."

My Mom: "My friend started reading 50 shades of grey..."
Me: "Why is your friend into porn?!"

JD while we played Lego Harry Potter on the Wii: "Why is this so hard?!"

Face it, The Office is my favorite show.  And it has ruined me.  And I'm okay with it.

If you haven't watched it, I suggest you drop what you're doing and go watch it on Netflix.  Right.  Now.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, it's official.  We have a "we're married" blog.  My old bloggity-blog just wasn't cutting it for me anymore.  I decided I wanted to make one for JD and I and our adventures as a family. 

Here's a little preview of our wedding day:
Exiting the Temple as husband and wife


The Bridesmaids and GroomsmenPhotobucket

Smiles and Cake Cutting at our Wedding Dinner

So, now we're living up in Wyoming.  I work for an attorney.  My hubby is seeking employment.  We're happy.  Except for the fact I've had the flu 3 times since we've been married.  I also sprained my ankle.  We love being together all the time.  We love playing games together and spending time with each other.  Seriously, he is perfect for me.   I don't know what I'd ever do without him.  Stay tuned for more of our geeky adventures together.