Friday, November 9, 2012

bundle o' sad

Every once in a while, it's a good thing when your spouse locks you in the bathroom and shouts from the other room "You either relax and take a bath with the new bath salts and body wash I bought you or you sit and sulk for 20 minutes.  Your choice."  I'm hard-headed, but he always knows how to get through to me.  

Today, I have basically just been a big bundle of sad and emotions.  Work was terrible, homework sucks, I have a cold.  The odds are not for me today.  When JD finally got home from work, he promptly held me, let me cry for a bit and made me some toast.  Toast, it's kind of my comfort food.  Then I got back to trying to do my homework.  After being incredibly frustrated with every attempt he finally intervened after watching me struggle because of how stressed I was.  He took my laptop off of my lap, pulled me to our bathroom and closed the door.  My favorite thing to do at the end of a bad day is to basically sit in the tub for an hour.  Silent, warm, alone, perfect.  Then the previous exchange occurred.  It was perfect.  However, I still had basically the suckiest day in the history of ever.  So, I've gone to youtube to drown my sorrows away.  Enjoy a few of my favorite sad day videos.

They're not all Sophia Grace and Rosie videos.  Even though they are adorable...and I adore them...

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