Monday, July 13, 2015

screaming on a first date

I recently came across some old journals from while I was dating my husband.  It made me both happy and sad.  Happy because: I was reminded of how I've always been this hopelessly in love with that goofy guy.  Sad because: I'm not nearly as good about keeping journals since we've been married.  We're both so busy with work, with trying to make time for each other, with going to school.  However, I did come across a certain entry that made me laugh uncontrollably: the entry regarding one of the first date after he got home from his mission.

If you know me in real life, you probably know our super cliche Mormon love story but here's the recap for those that don't know: JD and I met while we were in high school choir class back in 2008.  He was a senior, I was a freshman.  He took the class on a dare, I was an aspiring musician so it was normal for me to take a choir class.  I thought he was super cute and nerdy, he didn't notice me until I sang at a school assembly(he will argue that he noticed me long before the assembly in question...I don't believe him).  Over the course of several months we got very close and were definitely falling hard for each other.  He was going to be going on a mission for the LDS church, so the relationship pretty much ended there.  But, we wrote each other while he was on his mission and continued our "friendship" from afar.  He got home in August 2010 and our relationship picked up right where we left off.

Thus begins this story:  We didn't go on a ton of "dates" because I was finishing high school and JD was broke.  Most of our "date nights" involved playing board games and doing free activities.  But, I really wanted to see "Tangled" so JD decided we would have a day date to go see this movie in St. George.

We got all comfortable in the theatre and the movie started.  When the lantern scene happened and the song "See the Light" started playing, I lost it.  I started bawling.  Like, sobbing.  It was bad.  Really really REALLY bad.  JD decided to do what most boyfriends would probably do, attempt to comfort their incredibly distraught girlfriend.

Then, JD realized I'm not at all a regular person when I'm crying.  He put his arm around me and tried to pull me in which point I screamed in the middle of the theatre "DON'T TOUCH ME," this also included smacking his arms away from me.  And JD had to look at the people around us and say I was fine just kind of emotional....and I was embarrassed...and JD was embarrassed...

My journal entry from that date read, and I quote:

"So...I screamed during a Disney movie because my boyfriend wanted to comfort me while I was hysterical...Heaven help him if he decides to stick around."

I'm pretty dang happy that this crazy man still decided I was worth it.

Us, Circa 2010..or maybe 2011?