Friday, August 30, 2013

five {random thoughts} on friday

1. I bought a bottle of Essie brand nail polish, now literally no other nail polish that I own compares.  Seriously, I put on (what was) my favorite nail polish brand, and now it sucks.  Like, the Essie stuff didn't chip for a long time.   And this stuff has been on two days, chip city (then again I did clean the bathroom and do dishes maybe I'll give it a second chance).  Well, sorry I just worked through that crisis with ya'll.  Thanks for your help.  FYI, this is the color I got.  It's a really pretty pale pink that I am OBSESSED with. 

2. I started watching New Girl, and it's pretty much changed my life.  I am pretty sure that Jess is my spirit animal.
new girl photo tumblr_m0its1ZQ981qif7ivo1_500_zpse5767c84.gif

Also, P.S. my husband is basically a lot like Nick.  Hates cheesy stuff, is a bit of a realist (or as I say, a pessimist), gets annoyed when I'm super optimistic but still loves me so so so much.. 

 photo tumblr_mkbx4ygBzr1s3zkheo1_500_zps59199039.gif

We're a good balance of yin and yang.  We're VERY alike, and VERY different.  We balance each other out perfectly and that's why we really are so very much in love.  He keeps me grounded, I help him see the good in everything, and that's why we work together.  Man, I'm lucky...anyways, back to the point of this whole post.

3. We got to do dentist round #2 for the hubs.  One of his fillings was cracked, so we had to get it replaced.  But, it's all good!  Things are all fixed, his teeth look lovely and our insurance is amaze-balls beyond belief.  Next on the list, ORTHODONTIST IN OCTOBER!  Woot Woot!  Is this what being an adult feels like?  Being excited about insurance and doctor's appointments?  Ehhh....

 photo 633553d2-74e9-4d65-b7a6-2a4dd54d2693_zps878b6487.jpg

4. These are the current floral beauties hanging out in my living room.  I have no idea what kind of flowers they are.  But I love them.  Anyone out in blog world that knows what these are, hit me up and let me know.  Also, since I'm on admin leave from work (Maintenance found black mold at our port of entry, so we're all getting paid to be home while they fix it...I'll be honest, I'm a weirdo and I hate not going to work.) these are something pretty for me to fascinate about.  Anyways, anyone who knows what these beautiful green and white flower are, please let me know!

 photo ab54f56f-a3a5-4f31-b19d-71d956211709_zps37e16720.jpg

5. When the hubs isn't looking, I take my shoes off and put my feet on the dashboard. YOLO (Also, I hate myself for typing that.)  P.S. I am SUPER self conscious about my feet.  I have a rogue pinky toe, as you can tell (Thanks dad....).  Ah, oh well, I share my life with you anyways, might as well embrace my oddities.

 photo afceb0b9-b0d5-4dd5-b4e4-a102093071a5_zpsed2395ef.jpg


  1. Mady and I vote they're from the mum family! Definitely a mum...the exact name we're unsure :)

    1. Good idea! That's probably right! I'll have to research that...


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