Saturday, September 22, 2012


Mom: You've got a hole in your bum (pointing at a hole in my favorite pair of jeans...sad day...)

JD: I miss David Tennant...
(We've been watching Doctor Who.  He just can't quite get over the loss of Doctor Ten)

Me: (laying in bed, watching Arthur.  YES, Arthur.  It's a good show, people.  Suddenly, my husband got home earlier than I expected so I quickly turn it off and pretend I'm just flipping through titles of Netflix.)
JD: You were watching Arthur, weren't you?  Don't try and hide the evidence.

Me: Man, I really need to tidy up so I can decorate for Halloween.
JD: I know, I've been trying to be patient.
Me: Shut your face, when was the last time you did the laundry or dusted or vacuumed?
JD:.......I love you?
Me: Shut up.

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