Wednesday, October 3, 2012

work, work, work

It seems there are three types of work surrounding my life.  And I can't ever seem to get all of them accomplished at once.

Homework.  Doing solely online courses, EVERYTHING is homework.  Let me tell you, it's super annoying.  I feel like I get no breaks.  However, it is convenient because I can work in my time frame and let school fit my schedule, not make my schedule fit school.  There's always pros and cons to the whole online education thing. But I am enjoying it thus far.  Once my English class begins I may feel differently.  But, so far I'm enjoying my two math classes and psychology.

Housework.  Otherwise known as, the bane of my existence.  I've never been tidy.  I've never been super neat.  I am organized at work, I am organized with school.  Because my career is literally keeping attorney's organized, when I get home the last thing I want to do is organize and clean my own house.  However, with JD starting to work full time and I'm only working part time, I know it's something I need to be better with.  He's so tidy.  He's so neat.  And I aspire to one day be as organized as he is.  Until then, I'll continue to watch The Office as I try to will myself to put the laundry away. 

Work Work.  My job, being a legal assistant at Blue Law Offices.  My boss is fantastic.  I absolutely love her.  And I love working with our clients.  It always makes me happy to have relationships with our clients, especially when most of our clients are going through difficult times.  Unfortunately, when most people are in need of using the legal system, they're going through difficult times.  It is rewarding to metaphorically hold the client's hand as he/her are going through difficult times. 

Although I work, work, work a lot of the time, I've got two awesome men in my life that make it all worth it.  I write all of the time about my best friend, partner in crime and eternal companion.  And this is our baby.  The sweetest, cutest, most darling black Labrador you'll ever see. 

This is Captain Morgan Belcher.

And he makes all of the crazy stuff I do worth it.  Ya know, and the hubs.  He makes it worth it too. 

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  1. So... I can relate to the WORK, WORK, WORK concept... I always feel as though since I am going to school for 40 hours/week, working for 20-25 hours/week, cleaning when I'm home sounds horrible... But... Welcome to the Married-life for sure, haha!


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