Monday, July 22, 2013

awkward questions and how to deal with them

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Let's be real here for a minute...when you get married people ask you TONS of inappropriate, random and sometimes insulting questions.  Because, you're married, therefore it is suddenly socially acceptable to ask about your sex life (I wish I was kidding), your fertility and how you plan on raising children.

Here's a few (note, just a few) of the awkward, strange and inappropriate questions The Hubs and I have been asked:
  • So, when are you going to have a baby? (this is actually common, and I suppose not super inappropriate, however, it shoots lots of judgment no mater what the answer.  Too soon, and you're immature.  Too long, and you're unappreciative of the years of a fertile womb.  Trust me, there is no winning this answer)

  • What positions have you used? (yeah...."those" positions.  Granted, this was a doctor that asked me this question, so I give a little bit of leniency.  However, still SUPER awkward to talk to the doctor, WHO YOU GO TO CHURCH WITH, WHO YOU SEE EVERY SUNDAY about sexual positions.)

  • Have you thought about a fertility test?  You're not getting any younger (Well, I'm twenty and have only been married a year.  So, I think I'm good for now....but thanks)

  • You have a motherly glow and it looks like you've put on some weight.  Are you pregnant? (No, I'm not.  But thanks for pointing out that my skin is getting oily and I'm getting fat)

  • How's the sex? (Great, and I'm not talking about this with you)

Now, do you feel sufficiently awkward? Good.

Here's a few tips on how to deal with the crazy people who choose to ask you ridiculous things:
  • You will never please everyone.  Don't go trying to please people with the answers you give.

  • Don't be afraid to tell them that makes you uncomfortable and that you don't want to talk with them about that topic.  More often than not, people just don't know or understand what they're saying.

  • Be confident.  Regardless of your answer, don't be hesitant.  Don't be half-hearted.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. 

  • Remember, it is your personal life.  Don't divulge more than you want to.  Really and truly, everything is only between you, your husband and whatever divine being you may/may not believe in.  Nobody else's opinion matters. 
Remember ladies, regardless of the awkwardness you may feel and the inappropriateness of the situation, be true to yourself and if they really say anything sassy back to you, just imagine yourself as Holly from Dance Moms.

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  1. Can I just say I LOVE that you used a Dance Moms GIF? I enjoy you (:

  2. Ha!Megan how do you always know what I am dealing with?? Just this weekend I had an old guy asking about our child-making plans. He looked at me expectantly, like he wanted a report of each attempt in the last month. So so so awkward.

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  4. Megan I absolutely adore your blog.


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