Saturday, September 28, 2013

struggling is not failiure: as taught by elle woods

So, you may or may not have noticed but I kind of fell off the blogging-about-my-weight-loss bandwagon.  Mainly because, I've sucked at it the last little while.  I hit a plateau.  The pounds were  coming off and then suddenly they stopped.  My clothes were getting bigger (meaning I was getting smaller) but there were no major results showing on the scale.  And I was feeling like a failure.  I didn't want to blog about it because I felt like I failed my readers and myself. 

Still, there is one thing that will always make me happy and give me direction in life.  That is: Legally Blonde.  Seriously, Elle Woods is basically my role model.  After seeing that movie as a young'in I had a pull toward the law.  After graduating high school, I started out as a musical theatre major but eventually found my footing and passion for criminal justice.  Now I work in law enforcement, I'm seeking a business degree and hoping to attend law school at a later date in my life.  I'm a blonde (bottle blonde, I admit), I'm not your typical law enforcement official and sometimes I have to be a real a biz-natch to get respect in my profession.  Just like Elle, she had to go after what she wanted and stand up for herself to get it sometimes. 

So, in my latest struggle with weight loss I have found solace and words of wisdom from my home-girl and soul sister, Ms. Elle Woods. 

{one} Exercise will make you happier.  Even when you feel like it's going to suck so badly and you're going to hurt a LOT.  Exercise will boost your mood.  And make it so you don't want to shoot your husband.  Because I can almost guarantee that everyone feels there are time where you want to shoot your husband.

 photo legally-blonde-happy-people-dont-kill_zps049da41b.gif

{two} Some people will just never accept you for who you are.  And that's okay.  The most important thing you can do is be true to yourself and accept that you're good enough the way you are and find people who think you're perfect like you are.

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{three} Pink will always make you feel better.  Seriously, having a rough day?  Slap on some pink lipstick and pull yourself together, honey.  This is the exact reason I just got a pair of PINK workout shoes.  I have a whole new outlook on life.

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{four} Best friends are not only good to have, but necessary.  No matter what, they'll stick beside you and support you through it all.  So, don't fret.  Your best girls and guys have got your back.

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{five} Grab a good fashion/beauty/gossip magazine and relax for awhile.  You'll have a better outlook on your life afterwards.

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{six} Take good advice and forget the bad.  There will always be good and bad influences in your life.  It's up to you to listen to the good and leave the bad for someone else.

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{seven} Believe in yourself or no one else will.  Even when it's difficult to, take care of yourself and believe that you can make a difference.

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  1. So glad you posted this! I got a really nasty response to my struggling post last week, basically calling me out on struggling. They told me I had lost my fire and were acting disappointed in me. The journey is long and not without struggles. I wish more people understood that it did not translate into failure. Keep going girl!!!

    1. I totally agree! Struggling does not mean failure! You keep your head up girlfriend! We're all in this together!


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