Thursday, October 11, 2012

right now...

I am, literally, blogging from my bathroom.  And here's husband is taking a shower.

And I know that sounds super weird and like I'm going to get into some weird, steamy talk about our love life.  Quite the opposite actually. 

I work mornings...JD works 2 four hour afternoons and then 3 twelve hour days this week.  So, we haven't had a ton of time together.  Because I get home from work, then the hubs is gone to work.  Then when he gets home I am either doing homework, cleaning, etc. Then, we go to bed.

So, I got home and JD was getting ready to take a shower and get ready for work. And he was sad because he was going to spend the only time with the two of us today in the shower alone.  So, to make it so we could actually spend a bit of time together, I'm on my laptop, sitting on the top of our toilet, talking with my best friend.  And listening to good music.  And working on homework.

Also, our bathroom is directly below my parent's office where the wifi router is.  The internet connection in here is amazing.  Maybe I need to use my computer in the bathroom more often...

Us...and our adorableness...First thing in the morning...
He really is my favorite human on the planet. 

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  1. Hahaha... I always talk to Brandon when he's taking a shower. Whenever I'm watching TV or something when he's taking a shower, he starts banging on the wall and screaming "Summer!" so that I come inside the bathroom!


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