Monday, November 12, 2012

it never ends

Homework, Lawyer work, Housework....It never ends. 

And I am 200% positive I've already written about this.  However, I recently read this post on the lovely Annie's blog and felt inspired.  I remembered being in her young women's and ballet classes and relating so well to her.  If you don't follow her blog, you should.  Because it is lovely, her children are lovely, she is lovely, it's just a bundle of lovely.

I think I've mentioned before, I'm a legal secretary.  Work lately has been crazy busy.  Our office moved, we have another assistant that was recently hired, and things have been so busy with 2 trials this week.  It's stressful, difficult and basically totally overwhelming. hate general education classes.  Why can't I just get on to my arts/education/whatever else degree?

And, my house is basically a wreck.  It looks like a bomb went off...and I don't have the time, patience or energy to do anything about it.  I'm a naturally messy person.  I have never been good at organization for myself, I've never been good about cleaning.  I generally only clean when I absolutely have too.  I've been depressed, frustrated, anxious and all around difficult to live with lately (sorry, JD).  And I can't figure out how to accomplish everything.  I never feel like things are clean.  I never feel like I'm doing enough.  I never feel good about myself, my home or my work.  The only thing I have been feeling good about: my marriage.  Which is why I so frequently blog about our relationship.  Because it is the one thing I feel like I am succeeding at.

Annie talked about her recent struggle with this same issue and I felt inspired.  As of today, I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf.  I created for myself a home management binder, which is my new favorite thing.  At some point I will share with you how it was created.  I'm going to be better about making myself a priority.  And I'm going to be better about keeping myself, my home and my schooling in order.

We'll see how this works...


  1. Yeah Megan! You can do it. I truly believe with the Lord's help, all righteous desires are accomplish able!

    Ps...since you are working check out fly She sends email alerts and has great tips for working women. I'm sorry school stinks, hang in there!

    You are so cute, keep up the writing.

  2. I absolutely LOVE following this Blog. I think that YOU are adorable! I think that you're TOO hard on yourself. I think it's easier to focus on what we are doing WRONG, instead of thinking about ALL our accomplishments. You might not have the cleanest house or have the funnest time doing the homework that you have... BUT... You have an amazing marriage that you love. You have somewhere to work right now (Even though it's a little CRAZY busy). I also think it's awesome that you have a "Management" Binder... Please share what you've done! I think that you're SO awesome, Megan!


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