Friday, January 10, 2014

dear someone

Dear Hairdresser, Thank you for doing such a good job on my husband's hair.  He no longer looks like a homeless surfer. 

Dear Laundry, If you could just stop accumulating for one day, that'd be great.

Dear Uterus, Thank you for the monthly reminder that I am in fact not pregnant.  However, do you think you could be a little more subtle? Mkkkkay, Thanks.

Dear Eye Makeup, Why do you NEVER come off completely no matter how often I try to wash you off?

Dear Weather App on my Phone, There was a ridiculously terrible blizzard today.  Not "Partly Cloudy" as you promised.

Dear Christmas, Thanks for being so amazing, I haven't yet made a blog post about it because it was so awesome.  (Yuletidings are coming in blog form eventually, no worries)

 photo c89524b5-685f-431c-aee4-e6118aeb9c89_zps6568d8ee.jpgThe best attempt at a picture of my three nieces...taking a photo of two seven year olds and an 18 month old is a lot harder than you think it will be...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

sunday enlightenment: evil never will win

"My prayer is that through the spreading of righteousness, the evil hands of the destroyer can be stayed so that he will not be permitted to curse the whole world. I pray that God will overlook our weaknesses, our frailties, and our many shortcomings and generously forgive us of our misdeeds. May He bring solace to the suffering, comfort to those who grieve, and peace to the brokenhearted." 
- James E. Faust

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

i'm baaaack and i strongly dislike new years

So, on December 20 I had surgery to remove nasal polyps.  A huge thank you and shout out goes to the University of Utah Hospital ENT team.  They were phenomenal and fantastic and surgery recovery has been so nice.  Lots of you know, I've had the surgery twice before this time around.  This time around has definitely been the BEST experience I've ever had dealing with this surgery.  Love the UofU hospital and staff, I'm now attempting to get us to have all of our doctors centralized at the University Hospital.  Because they're fantastic.  So, I've been taking it easy and easing myself back into real life.  I go back to work soon, so we're just working on getting back to normal around these parts after Christmas and surgery recovery. 

Today marks the first official day of 2014, also known as "New Year's Day."  Last night was the infamous "New Year's Eve" and I spent it in bed with my husband watching television and arguing over how hot/cold our room was.  And it was perfect.  Even when I was a single collegiate, I hated parties.  I think I went to one real "party" during my single college career and it wasn't fun.  Too loud, too many people, too few clothes on the people there, it just wasn't my thing.  Fun fact: it still isn't.  New Year's was the night where most of my roommates went out to parties and I stayed at the apartment watching movies.  I did one crazy thing in college, taking a mini road trip to the Hot Springs that were 4ish hours away in the middle of the night.  That was a crazy as I got, and I was EXHAUSTED for like a week after that escapade (curse you and your adventurous spirit, Mandy).  Because of all of these things New Year's has never been my favorite holiday. 

Also, I don't subscribe to the "resolutions" thought process.  Much like I don't believe in "epiphanies" either but that is a different conversation for a different day.  I think setting goals for yourself is a great practice, and I do this quite frequently.  However, making HUGE changes in your life just because the calendar has started over isn't a good enough reason to me.  In order to make lasting, real changes in your life YOU have to want it.  YOU have to mean it.  YOU have to work at it.  Needlessly writing out crazy, unattainable "resolutions" just because you feel social construct tells you "New Year, New Me" is something that must be done is ludicrous. 

I really like the One Little Word project, which I blogged about last year.  This year my word is CONTENT.  Content is defined as, "in a state of peaceful happiness."  This past year sent us lots of curve balls and I had SO many times where I was not content in my life or my circumstances.  This year, I want to be in a "state of peaceful happiness."  I want to be content in my life and understand that we can't always change our circumstances but we can always choose to be happy about them.  I hope to blog each month about how I'm learning to be more "content."  What's your one little word you aspire to make your mantra this year?

Happy 2014, best wishes!