Sunday, February 16, 2014

a billion drafts and nothing to post

So, I've most definitely neglected this little blog as of late.  And I am fairly certain I have more than a few posts that begin with that introduction.

Life has been more of the same around these parts.  I work all the time, JD works all the time, every once in awhile we get to sleep at the same time and every once in an incredibly long while we'll get to have a day off together.  My new camera has been generally untouched, laundry hasn't been done in over a month (except for under-roos for when we run out), fall semester has not been registered for, after a huge snow storm (so bad that for the first time in over 20 years the kids in our town had a snow day from school) the only real concern of mine has been preventing the basement flooding and the thought of all of our things (and my parent's things) being ruined, JD and I trying to plan for the future and make big life choices (which I will tell you, is the literal worst thing about being an adult.  I have all of this power to do anything I want but I am paralyzingly afraid to use it) and, of course, working on the whole "being healthy" thing.

Our Valentine's Day was lovely.  We kept up with our tradition that we never meant to create, and got Subway and watched a movie while snuggled in bed.  JD also got me a plush rose, which is another one of our little traditions that started during his bachelor party.  Story time:  So, when we were getting ready to get married almost two years ago (!) the few days before our wedding, I was in Salt Lake City with my family and JD was in Spanish Fork with his family.  They had lots of fun playing games and even went to the nickel arcade.  At the nickel arcade JD got (with his tickets) this horrendous plush jester hat (that will now forever be in my storage somewhere...because heaven forbid we get rid of that...) and a really cute small plush rose.  He gave me this silly little plush rose the day we got married and it has become somewhat of a romantic gesture between the two of us since then.  Now I have three plush roses of varying sizes.  They're just a silly and yet sweet reminder of our wedding day and every year that passes since then.

Wow, that story was more interesting and romantic in my brain, but when typed out it does not have the amount of romance I thought it did.  Ah, oh well.  Here's my current mantra lately, I am trying to live a more passionate and meaningful life.  But more on that another time.