Monday, October 15, 2012

a blessed day

1. Me...Driving...For a long time it felt...

2. Mikale Winn Potter, snuggling on Grandma Potter

3. The happy family, Shaynia, Jesse, Savanah and Mikale.  Well, Jesse and Savanah were happy...Mikale and Shaynia were tired.

4. Jesse and Shaynia

5. Mikale

6. And another one just for good measure.

Yesterday was the little angel featured above's blessing day.  My brother, Savanah and their two daughters Shaynia and Mikale are currently living in Ogden, UT.  The blessing was held at their ward there.  Unfortunately, since JD just started this new job, he had to work and couldn't come with me.  However, I went by myself and met my parents there.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Both girls looked darling in their dresses.  

I absolutely love both of these little girls.  They're so sweet and so precious.  Shaynia has a disorder similar to downs syndrome.  But she has such a perfect spirit.  It warms my heart to be near her.  Mikale is so pure and precious.  I just have a thing for newborn babies.  Granted, Mikale is 3 months old, but she still has that precious sweetness.  It was wonderful to be up with the family for a day.  Even if the drive felt long...Mostly due to spotty cell service.  

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