Wednesday, September 4, 2013

currently i'm...

Listening: to my husband playing Halo 4.  I will never truly understand the intrigue.  However, I do love playing Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox.  I will own you at years 1-4, I have yet to beat 5-7...

Loving: having the turtles back in our living room.  I don't think I've mentioned this before, but we have two little red-eared slider turtles.  Their names are Jimmy and Minnie.  We've had them for a little over a year.  They're lake turtles, so they love water, but also need space to bask on a rock.  We've had them in our bathroom for awhile, but I wanted more counter space.  It's nice having them out here.  I love sitting and watching them.  They're SO funny! 

There's Jimmy, in all of his rock climbing glory.  See the little thing that looks like a rock underneath in the shadow?  That's Minnie.  She's the shy baby turt.

Thinking: We drink a lot of Sunny D.  Really, We just bought a thing of it (I don't know what to call the bottle that doesn't have a handle, because a "jug" has a jug?  Maybe I'll come up with that word and patent it and make millions.  Oh yes...) two days ago.  It was gone by today.  So I bought two more at the store.  The hubs has already drunk half of it. 

Wanting: my lovely package from Sephora to arrive.  Yeah, Sephora had a sale.  And I live 2 1/2 hours away from the nearest store.  So I went online and purchased some of the lovelies available.  I'm a beauty product hoarder.  I love to try EVERYTHING!  So, I got a few old favorites and couple new tryout items.  P.S. I've heard AMAZING things about Benefit Cosmetic's Watts Up.  I ordered one, I'll let you know if it is as cool as it looks.

Making: a baby quilt for my friend...who's baby is already 2 months old.  Yeah, it'll be done before she's too big for it.  Promise. 

Wearing: Jammies, my wedding ring and my Tiffany ring.  It's this ring here.  Simple, no diamonds or anything.  But I love how dainty it is and the fact it is my first ever Tiffany's piece.  Perhaps someday I'll add something else to my jewelry collection from Tiffany's...maybe I'll even step it up. ;)

Sorry for the lack of creativity today.  It's been a much busier day than I expected.

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