Wednesday, October 2, 2013

i hate my hands

Yeah, so I've always had a thing about my hands.  There's always one part of a woman's body that no matter how thin, thick, tan or pale they are, they still hate.  The hands are mine.  Even when I had that cute teenage body that I thought was fat (I'm angry at myself now for thinking that) my hands were just, bleh.

I was a nail polish addict.  Constantly buying up and finding new polishes.  Trying to paint my nails thinking somehow that would make them appear less childish and more womanly.  However, when I would get nervous I'd bite my poor little nails on my little hands down so far it wouldn't make a difference. 

Then I discovered something amazing: acrylic nails.  They were my life blood for a long time.  They made my hands look womanly, they gave me amazing confidence and they were just all around awesome.  I was a huge fan.  Then, I was getting ready to go to college and going and getting a set of acrylics all the time wasn't exactly cost effective on my limited budget.  So, the nails had to go...

Oh how I missed them.  However, last week my mom took me to a doctor's appointment in Salt Lake and afterwards decided we should get our nails done.  Especially after such a disappointing and upsetting appointment (more details on that later), I was thrilled with the prospect of a little pampering.  And, I'll tell you something...

I feel amazing. 

So, as I've talked about before, make sure to make time for yourself and do things that make you happy.  Even something as trivial as a set of acrylic nails can give you a whole new outlook on life. 

It also helped that I got my hair cut and colored later on in that week.  It was like icing on a very amazing cake.

Sorry that this post is just, blah...I've got a lot on my mind that I'll elaborate later.

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