Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the elusive honeymoon phase

So, a few nights ago I got to have a nice conversation with one of my best friends.  We're tight and kind of the classic opposites attract friendship.  I love it.  Emma often is caught saying "Why do I have a friend that is so girly?!"  She loves me, it's all good.  :)

Anyways, we got to chatting about our lives, our husbands and all of the other things going on.  Somehow we started talking about the "honeymoon" phase that everyone always asks newlyweds about.  Emma was married in December, so she's often asked about these things each day also.  People are always asking me, "So, have you left the honeymoon phase yet?"

 photo honeymoonphase_zps13c98a51.jpg

I've never understood this elusive honeymoon phase people speak of.  I mean, is there really a period of time when literally EVERYTHING your husband does is adorable?  Because, I can name a lot of things my husband does that are absolutely not adorable.  Example: Hanging his pants on our over the door towel hooks.  Seriously, not a big deal (better than on the floor) but just drives me bananas.  Just put them in the hamper!

I think part of the joy of marriage is seeing that not everyday is a fairy tale.  Marriage involves a lot of hard work from two people who have to be completely and totally dedicated to preserving and protecting and nourishing that marriage every. single. day.  Now, I'm not trying to scare my single friends out of getting hitched with such a bold statement, I say it because it's true.

Marriage isn't always sunshine and lollipops.  While dating, I thought that marriage would be a piece of cake.  We dated for almost two years, we'd been friends for five years.  We knew each other pretty darn well. However, when you are actually with someone 24/7, living with them, being with them and having nearly no separation time, it's a totally different thing.  You find out little idiosyncrasies, you learn that they have habits that annoy you and you see that neither of you are totally perfect.

However, I also find myself hopelessly and disgustingly in love with my cute husband.  There are days and times when I just think how lucky I am, how good it feels in his arms, how I still get little butterflies when he kisses me.  (I know, it's so adorable you could puke)  So, this all begs the question, What really is the honeymoon phase?

To me, I find moments of the honeymoon phase every day.  One morning a few weeks ago I was super annoyed with JD.  I was just getting back to work, JD had a day off and I came home and there was a new little mess from him eating lunch in the living room.  We had a little argument about it, he cleaned it up and I was just annoyed.  After he was done cleaning he came into our room and cuddled up close to me.  He held me, kissed my forehead and told me he loved me.  I was just so overcome with love at that moment that all of the frustration I had earlier just swept away.  That was a honeymoon moment. 

My point is this, the honeymoon phase doesn't have to end after you've been married a certain amount of years.  Honeymoon joy and love can be found each and everyday.  Even on days when you just want to put your face in a pillow and scream.  Believe me, I've done it.


  1. love this post! so true! I actually find it easier to have "honeymoon moments" the longer we have been married.

  2. I find that same thing! The longer we're married the better things get, like cheese! :D Thanks for stopping by Alexa! I miss you so much! Congrats on the baby to be!

  3. hahaha this post was awesome! i feel like you've described the honeymoon phase perfectly.

    thanks for sharing :)


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