Saturday, July 6, 2013

real life and the 4th of july

Everyday I feel like I am bombarded with images of fit and trim wives who also have a million kids and full time jobs.  They have pristine homes, children who are always dressed in matching clothes and they always take the time to work out and look fantastic.  I read posts in my bloglovin' feed (have you switched readers now that Google Reader kicked the bucket?  Bloglovin' is by far my favorite.  You should totes try it out)  with titles such as "How to be a better wife" or "Looking hot for your man" or "Why my life is put together and why yours never will be" (okay, the last one may be a bit of an exaggeration....but still.)  I look to these women for inspiration, for an uplifting read and for help to become a better person.  But lately I've just been feeling...inadequate.

I mean, seriously, these women can keep it all together while working, having a husband AND having babies?!  I can barely keep myself upright long enough to finish my school work and a shift at work.  I'll admit, my husband cleans our little apartment dwelling far more than he should have to.  I'll admit, I don't put together adorably photograph-able outfits everyday.  I'll admit, I don't always throw cute parties when we want to have friends over.  But guess what?

That doesn't make me a bad student, employee, wife or person.  

All it means is that, I'm human.  I have limits.  It is a blessing to recognize limits so you don't overwork yourself.  I'll do my best to be happy-go-lucky and come up with cute ideas for this blog.  But, please understand when I don't.

Now that is off my chest, let's get onto the fun stuff...FOURTH OF JULY.  We had a lovely little low key celebration with my parents and a couple friends.  I made pasta, jello, potato and fruit salads (but not all together...seperate salads...together would be gross) and prepped food to be BBQ'd by my daddy.  He is the grill master.  We played tons of games such as Apples to Apples and Bananagrams.  Then, of course, we set off some fireworks in our yard.  Because nothing says I'm proud to be an American like explosives.  Enjoy some pictures of our perfectly imperfect 4th celebrations.

Thanks for tuning in.

Loves and Hugs,

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Super Sunday Sync

Fireworks 2 photo photo3_zps759037fe.jpg
All Smiles photo photo7_zps4d70bcf7.jpg

Daddy Potter, always all smiles

Game Time photo photo8_zpsfbd02e72.jpg

Rebecca, Andy, Momma Potter and JD playing Bananagrams

Ready for fireworks photo photo10_zpsb9dda7e9.jpg

This is my "let's just go play with sparklers" face. 

Centerpiece photo photo11_zps5a91628e.jpg

Centerpieces for the table.  Is there anything more American than sunflowers and the American Flag?
Tablescape photo photo12_zps7825490f.jpg
And of course the tablescape.


  1. looks like you had a great 4th of july!
    Just found your bog!
    So excited.
    I am now following you :)
    looking forward to keeping up


  2. I loved your blog Megan, so down to earth. I loved the things you and your family and friends did on the 4th, sounds like things I would really enjoy doing also.. Definitely going to follow your blog..

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment and linking up to the Super Sunday Sync, Megan! I'm happy to have found your blog and am following via Bloglovin now. I just want you to know that I sometimes feel the same way about other bloggers and how "put together" they seem. Like having a husband, kids, a job {whether that is a full-time job, a life as a blogger job, and/or a SAHM job}, and STILL looking amazing and writing up fantastic posts every no big deal. I don't know how they do it! I stay at home with my 21 month old daughter with another one on the way, and I can't seem to find the time to fit everything in some days. It's hard to keep doing all of that AND keep your marriage spicy and hot, too. So, thanks for writing this post and know that probably a lot more wives and moms out there feel the same way you do :)

  4. Megan I loved this. You are amazing! And so truly beautiful! Oh my gosh! And also.. I may or may not be reading through your whole blog...


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