Thursday, July 25, 2013

guest blogging for nugget on a budget

You know, I've heard some people say that feeling trusted is the absolute most frightening thing of their lives.  Yeah, they're right.  Today I am both honored and petrified that my dear blog friend, Kera, has trusted her blog to me today.  I'm guest blogging for her!  Hopefully I do her amazing blog justice and perhaps bring some new members over here today as well.  I'm writing about 6 Easy Ways to Live Like Newlyweds today for Kera.  She's great, her blog is great, her little nugget is adorable and her little nugget on the way is sure to be just as precious.  I'm just super honored and star struck to be blogging for her today.  So, be sure to check it out today! 

As for me, I'm going to be sleeping the day away to prepare for my first graveyard shift at work tonight.  Yeah, it's gonna be a long night.  I can already feel it.  However, once I've got one night under my belt, I bet they'll get easier.  So, have fun doing what you're doing today and be sure to check out my guest blog post for Kera @ Nugget on A Budget today!

Loves and Hugs while I sleep and sleep,

P.S. Here is a pictures of my adorable little fur baby.  Morgan is the cutest black labrador mix you'll ever meet.  I guarantee it. 

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  1. loved your article on Nugget on a budget, so many many true words and great advice. New follower and i would love to have you guest blog for me, find me over here


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