Saturday, June 28, 2014

life is loud

So, I used to be awesome at making sure I blogged and had a whole thing planned and schedule.  Lately, I have been incredibly relaxed about it.  Mainly because: My life is a lot louder, faster, more exciting and vibrant than I could stop and blog about.

I work, A LOT.  And to most people that probably sounds like a drag.  In fact, recently my in-laws were in town and I was expressing my job to them.  Honestly, when I put what I do into words it sounds SUPER depressing and not at all fun.  However, I absolutely love it and am thoroughly enjoying my career right now.  JD has been loving his job as well.  Still a security guard, but at a great location and doing really exciting things.  Plus, he is only 10 minutes from my office and we both work Monday-Friday like normal human beings now.  So we can commute together!  Yay for actually getting to spend time together during the week now!

We're loving our new space and recently inherited more furniture than I know what to do with, but we'll figure out where to put everything soon (heaven help me, it had better be soon).  I'm currently loving having a desk at home that I can work at when I am on-call with work and JD is loving having a dining room table that we can sit and eat dinner together at (I've never personally been a "dinner at the table" girl.  Growing up it was reserved for special occasions, but compromise is necessary and JD is opening my eyes to actually sitting to eat together as a normal thing).

We're loving living in Salt Lake City.  We've only ever lived in small towns with the exception of when I was at college in St. George, UT.  However, St. Geezy is fairly small in comparison to the Great Salt Lake.  We have a lot of fond memories of SLC.  We were married here, we honeymooned here, and now we live here!  It has basically rocked my world having a Target within walking distance.  No worries, I haven't gone totally crazy yet (although I have only been here a couple of months....just give it some time....) however the first week I was here I literally went to Target everyday.  Now we have broadened our shopping horizons, but Target still has a very special place in my heart.

So, expect blogging to resume but don't be too upset if I'm not blogging 5 days a week.  Perfection is impossible, so I appreciate having you here with me as I continue in my imperfect blogging journey.

Here's to being more content in not being perfect, but finding happiness regardless.

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