Thursday, May 1, 2014


Oh hey...

Most of your probably thought I had just quietly left the blogging world and taken up crafting or something.....

Hahaha, that's hilarious.

In reality, we had a billion life changes in the process that I desperately didn't want to talk about at the risk of jinxing the whole dang process.  So, here is the rundown...
  • We were wanting a change in our lives.  Kemmerer, WY was great and everything, but we just weren't happy.  And we didn't want to be settled down just yet.  We still are in school, we still are in our early twenties, we decided we can afford to make choices such as moving and going for a new adventure.
  • After a lot of contemplation and prayer, we set our sights on Salt Lake City.  The corporate office for JD's job is in SLC, and they were dying to get him down there to work for them.  So we figured we would start the transfer process for them, and maybe I would find something part-time.
  • Well, I decided to apply for a job with a trucking company, given my experience and knowledge of the industry, plus all of the knowledge I have from my days as a legal assistant, I thought it could possibly be a good fit.
  • I got an interview two days after completing my application.  I was offered the job just hours after the interview.  
  • JD got a call from the Salt Lake office saying they wanted him here right away.
  • So, we started apartment shopping.
  • We found the absolute perfect place in a neighborhood we love (by some strange miracle, after looking at million other places that we hated).
  • Now we are here, with none of our belongings save our air mattress, some clothes and a couch that my uncle gave us.  
  • We've been way too busy to go back to Wyoming and pack up the rest of our lives, but we're hoping to fix that in the next couple of weeks as JD's schedule normalizes.  

As an apology to my absence, enjoy this picture of all of the cousins on my dad's side of the family featuring a 9-10 year old Megan front and center giving my cousin Lisa (notice how I am the baby of this group of cousins, because I was a late baby, as was my daddy...) bunny ears.

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