Saturday, November 30, 2013

a thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand here are a few thousand with some commentary to chronicle the last couple of weeks.

 photo IMG_0031_zps5cdf3cc3.jpg
This is Mose, the Potter family pet for the last 15 years.  He is still the best dog ever.

 photo IMG_0063_zpsb9ba42c4.jpg
Morgan Belcher, definitely the most energetic Belcher family member

 photo IMG_0133_zps5877a5a9.jpg

 photo IMG_0141_zpsa9cfda05.jpg
I was recovering from pneumonia and JD had started getting sick, but we still carved out pumpkins!

 photo IMG_0161_zps0617590d.jpg

 photo IMG_0189_zps294a2222.jpg

 photo IMG_0217_zpsc0cce087.jpg
Heading to my cousin's missionary homecoming (Also, we saw Catching Fire the night before...SO MANY FEELS! AH! IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!)

 photo IMG_0224_zps18203aa1.jpg
My lovely cousin Anne

 photo IMG_0244_zpse8ba9854.jpg
He's home! Welcome back Elder William Pittam! Peru lost an amazing missionary. 

 photo IMG_0243_zps1a63c4c3.jpg

 photo IMG_0229_zps95bf8e77.jpg
Finn and Kent, I just love watching the cousin's babies play
 photo IMG_0264_zps06c88ff6.jpg
Thanksgiving dinner in Kemmerer, WY

 photo IMG_0270_zps7c727a31.jpg

 photo IMG_0275_zps6abc5e3f.jpg

Yeah, I'm not wearing makeup and didn't make any attempt to get ready for the dinner.  JD also looks tired.  I cooked all day with my mom, JD was at work all day.  Yeah, I show you pictures where we're clearly not all put together or looking our best.  It is because this is our real life.  We're not put together all the time, and that's just fine by me. 
Family is great, friends are fantastic and life is good.  On non-put together days and otherwise.   

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